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Keynote Speaker

Matthew has delivered over 2,000 speeches in 7 countries.

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Sales Trainer

Matthew has delivered over 10,000 hours of Sales Training.

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Get 1x1 sales coaching with Matt. Or coaching for your whole team.

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Take Your Sales to the Next Level with Online Sales Coaching and Training

Is your sales team not living up to its potential? Even a small amount of training from a sales training expert can convert to remarkable profits. We offer retail sales training online for individuals and companies in all industries.

We offer dedicated online courses, retail staff training and retail manager training that anyone can sign up for. Taking one of our courses will definitely make you a savvier sales person and boost your resume. Our training will make you a more employable sales person who can meet quotas with ease.

Traditional sales training involves attending class and a lot of travelling that wastes time. With our online sales training courses in retail you or your staff can learn right from the office or comfort of home without a hassle.

We also offer professional sales coaching and retail sales training tips for those interested. Companies can make their teams more knowledgeable and well-prepared to meet demands of the market with our training programs.

Comprehensive Sales Training Programs

You can enjoy highly professional and challenging training programs created by veteran sales coach Matthew Hudson, PhD. Established research shows that trained sales teams can produce 52 percent higher closing rates, higher repeats and referrals. They also report at least 64 percent higher customer satisfaction rates. Trained sales staff are also less likely to face issues with prices. We offer professional sales coaching and training that will help your sales team stay ahead of the competition. You will immediately see the difference between staff trained by us and regular staff.

Custom Designed Sales Training Sessions

All retail staff training sessions are custom designed to suit the unique needs of your company and the market that you operate in. Sessions are created to be highly practical where trainees will learn skills they can put to use right away. Our training programs are not bogged down by theories with little use in real life. Sessions will include elements of role-play as a method of teaching. All sessions will also be highly interactive and peer reviewed.

The Expert Sales Trainer:                 Matthew Hudson, PhD

Dr. Matthew Hudson has over 30 years of experience in the marketing and sales industry. He started his career as a part-time sales associate at Sear’s. He has since been a sales director, principal consultant and the one-time owner of a 4-store chain in Texas. He has won many awards and accolades for his work and is widely considered a sales training expert. Dr. Hudson has also authored and co-authored four books on the subject and is a polar retail speaker and keynote speaker.