hudsonhead Selected as Official Editor of World’s Largest Retail Website

You may notice that there is not a ton of content for retail on this site. Here is why…, the owner of the world’s highest traffic retail website, has named Matthew Hudson (@hudsonhead) as the official editor of its site. This relationship means that original content and articles written by Matt will be posted on The Balance –’s name for the small business channel.

Here are links to hundreds of articles written by Matt on their site. Click on a topic to be taken to articles on their site.


Copyright 2017, Matthew Hudson is an award-winning retailer, keynote speaker, master sales trainer and author of over 4 books on selling, corporate culture, retail, and sales and marketing.

Matt Hudson

Master Sales Trainer with 31 years of sales & marketing experience. Author of 4 books including Advisor Selling and the Retail Sales Bible.