The number one concern of anyone we do a live session with is ‘I wish all of my people could have been here to see this.’ We know that in these economic times, it’s tough to be able to bring your whole team to professional training or afford to bring a professional expert to your company, so we created an online learning center just for you!

Research Shows That Following a Unified Sales Process

Higher Closing Rates


Higher Customer Satisfaction Scores


Higher Repeats and Referrals


Less Issues with Price


Why You Choose Our Online Training

We believe learning is a “change in behavior.”

It's not enough to read it or hear it or watch it, you have to APPLY it

We believe in the Principles of Learning.

Readiness, Primacy, Intensity, Exercise, Effect

We believe selling is a profession, not a job.

Everything we put into our courses is designed to develop your career, not just your job.

We believe in the “rubbish” principle.

If you hire rubbish and put them through 100 hours of training – you end up with highly trained rubbish (even if its our training.) It starts with your hiring process.

We believe people don’t do things stupid on purpose.

Sure people do stupid things, ourselves included, but at the time you are making the decision, it was not to be stupid. In fact, you probably look back and say “what was I thinking?” Training can help.

We believe training is an investment.

The only investments that are worth trying are ones that show results. Our online training will help you raise your results.

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