Creating an Experience Culture Video Teaching Series


12 part video teaching series by Matthew Hudson to help you install an experience culture in your business.



12-part video teaching series starting in September 2017 based on the book, Culturrific! The Roadmap to a Terrific Experience Culture. Each session will be approximately 1 hour in length and feature Matthew Hudson expounding on the key concepts of experience culture and how you can make it work for your business.

In these sessions, you will learn how to:

  • Calculate the Cost of Corporate Culture
  • Install an Experience Culture in Your Business
  • Understand the Basics of Corporate Culture
  • Discuss the important of Corporate Culture with the New Generations
  • Learn how an Employee’s Identity and Self-esteem are Connected
  • Define Your “True” Company Product
  • Avoid the Common Mistakes People Make in Change
  • Align and Connect all Parts of Business Toward Common Purpose
  • Hire People Who Fit 
  • Train People to Deliver Experiences
  • Learn Best Practices when Implementing Culture Change