Retail Sales Bible




Matthew Hudson, PhD and Rick Segel have simplified the retail selling process into a user-friendly book filled with concepts that are memorable, easy to master, easy to use and will become a part of the salesperson’s persona almost immediately. In this book you will learn:

The G.R.E.A.T Selling System, which is an acronym for the 5 stages of selling
Greeting, Researching, Experimenting, Add-ons and Tethering a customer to the store

  • Ways to increase every sales associate’s ATS, Average Transaction Size
  • Ways to increase every sales associate’s UTS, Units per Transaction
  • The greatest opening line ever written with proven results
  • The four words that increase a retailer’s sale by 4 to 7 percent almost immediately
  • The five most powerful words that will engage the customer in conversation, learn the customer’s true wants and needs and can establish trust instantly

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