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Provocative, interactive and laced with a dose of humor, Matt delivers substance in a very unique style. He uses humor, stories and everyday allegories to make it easy for people to absorb messages that are vitally important to their sales success. Maybe that’s why so many leading groups, suppliers and manufacturers, service, product and trade associations listen to Matt to get results.

These sessions can and have transformed the lives of hundreds of sales professionals and business owners. Matt is a speaker everyone remembers after the event and plays a critical role in helping all enjoy strong, enthusiastic attendance at their industry or company meetings because he focuses on real, practical advice and not platitudes and theories.

How Matt Works

Heres a mashup of Matt’s speeches.

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Sample Topics - B2B

Questions are the Answers

Learn the best parricides for high quality questioning techniques for all parts of the sales process.

6 Traits of Top Sales Performers

Taken from the research of over 1,000 ride-alongs, learn the common traits of the top 1%.

Planning to Fail

The typical salesperson spend less than 1/3 of his or her time actually selling. Learn the secrets to planning your time and agenda well.

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

The days of relationship selling are over. Its not enough to have a great product or service or be a great person - you must become a trusted advisor.

Sales Meeting Messages

In today's world, chances are the person you are prospecting knows all of you ``tricks.`` Time to learn some new ones.

Advisor Selling 101

Discover the 8 Phases of Advisor Selling and its powerful model for selling in today's business world.

Topics are just a ``sample`` to get you thinking. Call us for a custom session.

Sample Topics - B2C

G.R.E.A.T. Selling

Learn the 5 phases of the GREAT Selling model from the book The Retail Sales Bible.

No Thanks, I'm Just Selling

Learn how to deal with the ``just looking`` customer through the Bridge.

Clientelling - the ``Old School``

Loyalty as we know it is dead today in retail. Learn the best secrets from top ales performers on how to build a following.

Questions & Answers

Your questioning skill is the most important skill you can master in B2C selling. Learn the best practice of effective questioning for all parts of the sale.

Sales Coaching

If you lead a retail team of salespeople, your role is to coach them to peak performance. Learn the 5 Steps of Top Coaching Performance.

Answering Objections

Even if you pick the perfect product or solution for your customer, chances are they still will object. Learn how to respond in a way that gets to ``yes.``

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